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About Rayone

RAYONE is one of the fastest growing enterprises on the Indian business horizon. Initially the Group began its operations in Biomedical Services later entered Sales, and wishes to expand its business areas to Biomedical Skill Development and Calibration Laboratory. We offer Bio Medical Equipment, Services, Annual maintenance services cost effectively. Our substantial base of long-term clients demonstrates the importance that we place on building enduring relationships. Over the years, RAYONE has successfully enlarged itself from a pure Medical care to Sales, Education and Infrastructure Development.


To become a most promising and known for quality clinical Engineering Management Service Provider and Biomedical Engineering Training Provider firm nationwide.


To provide a quality standard clinical engineering management service and to deliver the industry required training solution to biomedical engineers.

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Founder Profile

Mr. Revanprasad Sridhar- Graduate Biomedical Engineer, Young Entrepreneur and Educator, has vast experience in handling, servicing and calibrating all kind of multi-brand medical devices.Expertise in New Product Development, Hospital Quality Standards, Hospital Infrastructure Designing and Planning. Trained around some thousands of healthcare professionals in engineering and medical domains. Understanding that Healthcare systems are under constant pressure to reduce costs while also improving quality and strong workforce. The actual challenge in healthcare industry is stated to be Medical devices Maintenance cost, Recruiting and Retaining Human Resource with adequate knowledge, infrastructure planning and designing of healthcare firms according to the healthcare quality standards.In the attempt to be a solution for the above challenges our founder established the organisation successfully across PAN India.

The Brand for Biomedical Engineering