Bio medical industrial skill development

Bio medical industrial skill development

Rayone’s focus is to bridge the academic curriculum with industry requirements. This workshop series is for biomedical engineering students who aspires to work in healthcare industries.

In Biomedical Skill Development Training Sector, candidates ( Students & Working Professionals) undergoes practical training on handling, services ,calibrating the various equipment’s like Patient Monitoring Devices , Respiratory Devices, Cardiac Assisting Devices, Radiological Devices ,Laboratory equipment’s many more.,

RAYONE team is focused on providing continuous improvement on skills of every Engineer.

The Modern Biomedical Equipments inevitably employs highly sophisticated technology and use complex systems and instrumentation for the best results.
Our Team takes care of the biomedical equipments and systems in the hospital by undertaking routine and preventive maintenance, regular calibration of equipments and their timely repairs.

1. We are simulating the practical Hands-on Training Programs that creates the environment for Quality Learning and better understanding of Biomedical equipments.
2. Equipment delivery management and architectural coordination through project completion.
3. Cost estimates tracking, invoke reconciliation and equipment acceptance.
4. Maintaining up time of the machines.
5. Individual satisfactory survey from end users and user departments

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